an open letter to all bosses

Marcus Brown started an ideas company The Ides of March and has even written a letter for you to give your boss :)


I think we have a problem, and I’m pretty sure you know which one I’m talking about. I don’t think we can solve the problem on our own, I would like to get some outside help on it and I think I found a little company that can help us.

The company is called “The Ides of March” and it specialises in ideas and innovation. All we have to do is send through a brief description of our problem to and we’ll get an idea on how to solve it. I’ve checked and getting a NDA signed isn’t a problem.

The interesting thing is that if we decide that the idea is good and we want to buy it, we determine the value of the idea and it belongs to us. If we don’t want to buy the idea then it is published on The Ides of March website as something called “open source rejection”.

This could be an interesting way to sort things out. What do you think? Have a look at the website, it’s a little odd but explains what it’s all about.

brilliant :)


I’ve been Tagged

Katie has asked me to share a 8 random things about myself…

here goes:

– i can’t function without good food but…
– i prefer to cook (and taste along the way) than eat a proper meal
– i think sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing
– i don’t like wasting words
– i think sydney-siders over-value the view
– family and friends are more important than anything else
– i look taller than i feel
– it’s hard to find shoes that fit

did you learn anything?

What does New Orleans taste like?

new limited edition themed flavours from Absolut


looks cool… but won’t the harmonica make it taste a little metalic?

They were all just thirsty?

Water find ‘may end Darfur war’


who would have thought years of genocide could be solved by a bottle of Mt Franklin…

Crappy Graphs

for use in my next presentation:


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Merc Mixed Tape


for the last 3 years Mercedes have been producing a ‘mixed tape’ of new music from up-and-coming musicians from all over the world. the 17 releases featured 251 different artists from 30 different countries.

unfortunately, they have decided that issue 18 (a compilation of the most popular tracks) will be the last in this format…

it’s not completely over, a revitalised format will be released later this year.

to get involved in the conversation, hop on to their forum.

old versions can be found here (shhh)

New Youtube Ads

nice work by YT/Google – adwords in video….

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