Marc Ecko PR magnet

Marc Ecko is known for doing crazy stuff for PR (like tagging AirForceOne), he’s kinda the street version of Richard Branson…

Here is his latest

Ecko paid $752,467 in the Sotheby’s/SCP bidding war for Bonds’ 756th home-run ball and was rewarded on Saturday when he won the auction. But instead of keeping the prize all for himself, Ecko decided to let fans determine its fate. He has set up a Web site,, where fans can vote on three different possible outcomes for the ball: Send it to Cooperstown with or without an asterisk — to signify the controversy that has accompanied Bonds’ home-run record — or launch it into space.

very clever…


One response to “Marc Ecko PR magnet

  1. you are so lazy like why havent u posted anything for over a month… u lazy bitch and dont u try to blame having a job coz u still have time to post!

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