Find me a Sponsor

this is an interesting advertising model:

Rouxbe a cooking website that i had a trial membership to.

i quite liked using it, but wasn’t ready to commit to paying for the content for a year (it’s US$50 pa – only $1 pw, but still…)

now they have a new model where i can be sponsored by a company, who will pay my membership, for the right to advertise to me.

Find me a Sponsor

It works like this. You tell us what interests you have in the food and culinary world. We try and match you up with a sponsoring company that will pay your way on Rouxbe. For example, if you tell us that you are interested in wine, we might align you with a value-added sponsor from a winery who can provide you with wine pairings and wine knowledge.

But wait, isn’t this just an ad? Here’s the difference. There are no large or expanding banner ads, no 15 or 30 second ads before or during the content and no pop-ups on Rouxbe. Remember, at Rouxbe the food is the celebrity. This will never change. We promise. Sponsors get to put their logo on the page and are able to provide links to their offerings, but our goal is that these links will be contextual to you and will never interfere with your cooking experience on Rouxbe. Not to mention that all links are completely “opt-in” leaving you in full control.

i’ll let you know how it goes…


2 responses to “Find me a Sponsor

  1. So, it’s been almost 2 months now.
    What happened to letting us know how you went?

  2. I need a sponsor for my better study. My father is a freedom fighter, he always go at strikes. we don’t have more money that i can stay at hostel and at home i cant read nicely. so if anyone can help me than plese contact me at my facebook and my address is please helr me

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