Rules of Blogging

I saw this post on threeminds today and i hope posting it here will make it more likely that i take the advice.

* Don’t write too much. A paragraph or two per post is sufficient
* Posts don’t need to be profound – just informative
* You must post at least 3x/week
* Always include at least one picture or video in a post
* Include at least 2 external links in any post and inform the people you’re linking to – don’t ask for anything from them, just let them know
* Turn on all of the publicity feeds in your account settings
* Use categories/tags
* Think about what you want to be known for and write about that often
* Turn comments on and answer all of them in the beginning
* Do a blogroll of all your favorites
* Include a bookroll of all your favorites
* If you have an existing site, e.g, an estore, link to it
* None of this should take more than a few hours a week

advice comes from Scott Kraft of Sixapart fame


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