Assignment 13 – Results

Ok, results are in…

Slideshare Small

See here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Russell has anotated my presentation with his thoughts here

(Russell: hope you don’t mind me hotlinking – i don’t know how to post it with WP)

General feedback seems good – obviously he would have like to see more footnotes/sources.

Referencing is an interesting thing for me as someone new(ish) to planing – it seems almost expected that you turn yourself into an expert on a market/consumer/product/trend etc when you’re researching it, so referencing general insights/cultural thoughts seems innapropriate, or impossible due to the number of sources it’s drawn from.

either way it was an interesting project & made me think – so it did its job.

It would probably have more impact if it was presented, rather than read off powerpoint – maybe next time i should post it to YouTube….

see what other people did here – there’s some good stuff, especially from people in non-english speaking countries.


One response to “Assignment 13 – Results

  1. An exzelent prezentayshun yung man

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