Brave Client

This is a great example of a company that truely lives for what it believes.

Dove Pro-age

Taking the concept of showing ‘real’ women a step further Dove shows footage of women commenting on their ad. The women are open and honest, and they come across somewhat fragile but still beautiful and confident.

It’s a great testamount to their faith in their strategy.

via whizdumb


2 responses to “Brave Client

  1. Dove’s “campaign for real beauty” does actually seem like a genuine effort to overturn damaging stereotypes and expectations … except, except, have you noticed how the women in the ads are all still beautiful? If Dove were really brave, might they not have picked models at random, thereby risking having an ‘ugly’ one on their billboards?

  2. Hey Dan – thanks for stopping by…

    I completely agree that Dove are not saints – they clearly choose their models very carefully and shoot them in flattering ways (and they’re owned by Unilever which does nothing for ‘real’ women in it’s ads for Axe/Lynx)

    I am more impressed that they carry the concept through every available channel, advertising, web, product naming, etc.

    Some people think they can just do ads and it’ll be enough – so it’s good to see a company that incorporates a strategy so fully.

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