Why Consumers Do Care

The post “4 reasons why most consumers don’t care about corporate ethics” on the Influx blog came as a bit of a shock to me.

I believe consumers care more now than they ever have before.

Why Consumers Do Care:

Corporate transparency is important
eg – Backlash against Dasani in the UK when it was discovered that it was just filtered tap water (read)

Pressure groups are having an impact
eg – “British grocery and apparel retailer Marks & Spencer plan to spend £200m to become “carbon neutral” by 2012.” (read)

There are more ethical alternatives
Wholefoods (USA), Macro (Aus) etc.

News travels fast
Blogs, Vlogs, Satalite, VoIP – it’s never been easier to get the message out

It’s cool to care
eg – (RED) iPod, AMEX, Gap – (ohh and I want a (RED) AMEX btw)


2 responses to “Why Consumers Do Care

  1. I should qualify our original post.

    The consumers we are are talking about are:

    1. US consumers

    2. The average consumer, not the elites…

    The ethics we are taking about:

    1. Boardroom

    2. Labor and working conditions…

    Not the environment.


    1. Dasani- in the UK

    2. M&S-UK, but Wal-Mart is doing similar in the US out of a profit motive, not consumer pressure

    3. Whole Food caters for a small segment of the US pop

    4. News travels fast – agree

    5. Cool to care- RED- The jury is out on the success of this venture.

  2. Hey Edward,

    thanks for coming over & replying.

    I had noticed that you were focusing on Boardroom and ‘Head Office’ ethics rather than Corporate Citizenship in general but i think that the environment is just the flavor of the moment, in 6 months it could be worker’s conditions or director infidelity.

    It seems to me that although Whole Foods, Blogs, Project (RED) etc haven’t hit average consumers as hard as tech savy and elites they’re already seeing them, and the impact they have will filter down.

    Middle America (or the average consumer) might not care *yet* – but the trend is showing that they probably will soon – and it’d be a good move as a company to be preemptive and clean up your act.

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