Trends for 07

ok – what i think will be important in 2007

What’s on the Up

Internet TV
Yeah so it’s been a common theme since lonelygirl made it big in July 06 but i believe this is the year that “made for internet” TV will make a true impact on the way we consume TV. I also think that 2007 will be the year when people embrace watching internet programing through an internet connection on your TV in your lounge room rather than on a PC screen (see SofaTube).

Citizen Journalism
I know it’s big already but with blogs and myspace turning mainstream (and looking more and more like geocities in ’98) i think this could be how social media (flickr, youtube etc) and blogs can really make an impact on the world.

See Daylife for an pretty looking, but user unfriendly version of what the future could bring.

Fuel Cells
They’ve been worked on for years – let hope this is the year they enter the consumer market :) especially with Samsung announcing a dock which will power a laptop for about a month (via Engadget)

Micro-loans and Personal Philanthropy
as a consequence of the rise in personal indulgences (eg. $300+ per kilo chocolate) there seems to be a balencing effect which is seeing more people give to charities.
Kiva is a brilliant example of a company using the power of the internet help people give and receive micro loans.Giving a goat via Oxfam is another great example.


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